1953 - 1956 Coral
1957 - 1960 ABC-Paramount
1961 - 1962 United Artists
1963 - 1967 Columbia
1968 RCA-Victor
1970 - 1971 Harmony
1971 MGM
1976 Gala
1985 President
1987 Sound
It's not unusual for Eydie Gorme to be mentioned in the same breath as the  greatest vocalists of her time or any other, as her incredible vocal talents have long met the acclaim of fans and critics alike. She is often referred to as a "singer's singer," and her astounding range, vocal versatality, pure intonaton, and rich vibrato can only be exceeded by her natural dramatic flair and incomparable phrasing, a skill she attributes to her emulation of singers Sarah Vaughan and Frank Sinatra.  All of these ingredients blend to create a voice that is distinctly, simply Eydie.

    But "Simply Eydie" belies the complexity of her vocal prowess; it understates the multifarious nature of her presence in song. With admirable ease, consummate professionalism and undeniable likeability, she deftly navigated the varied vocal terrain of several disparate genres, a feat that both the acclaim and respect of her musical contemporaries and the successes of her albums attest to. Eydie possesses the innate ability to transform her voice to fit a particular song - not just belt it out for the finale - to convey, with expressive  richness, the emotion of each lyric, wedding text to melody in her own unique and unmistakable way. Simply Eydie indeed!
Eydie's Record Labels
Below are Eydie's LP releases as a solo artist, arranged chronologically according to date of issue.
"....certain vocalists have that power to make you cry - Judy Garland, Eydie Gorme, Barbra Streisand, Billie Holiday." - Steve Allen
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