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   It's more than likely that the comely countenance of Eydie Gorme is prevalent among the covers in your record collection, but, much to our detriment, she is sorely lacking such profuse popularity in print. Perhaps her songbird sass just can't be captured in sans-serif font?
    Lucky for us, Eydie has many friends and contemporaries who have unwittingly attested to her professionalism and personality by writing of her in their memoirs, biographies and other non-fiction reads. We've compiled a constantly-growing list of just such additional resources for even further information on Eydie - now you can finally know what happened on that tree branch over Niagara Falls!
On DVD and VHS          
The Nanny
"Canasta Masta"

Season 2, Episode 16
Steve and Eydie make an extended cameo appearance - Eydie joins Grandma Yetta's canasta team!
Sanford and Son
"The Earthquake II"
Season 5, Episode 1
Steve and Eydie are briefly featured in this episode, set in Las Vegas.
Carol Burnett
This is featured on a 2-episode dvd with Paul Sand
October 13, 1973
Carol Burnett
This is featured on a 2-episode dvd with Joanne Woodward
February 23, 1974
Carol Burnett
This is featured on a 2-episode dvd with Hal Linden
March 5, 1977
Sammy Davis Jr.
A&E Biography
Eydie reminisces about her personal and professional friend, Sammy Davis, Jr.
Still Talking
Joan Rivers
Inventing Late Night:
Steve Allen and the Original Tonight Show
Ben Alba
Thirty Years of Sausage, Fifty Years of Ham
Jimmy Dean's Own Story
Jimmy Dean
Paul Newman
A&E Biography
Eydie is briefly featured and discussed as a guest at Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward's 1958 Las Vegas wedding.
October 26, 1999
The Ungarnished Truth
A Cooking Contest Memoir
Ellie Mathews
The Copa
Jules Podell and the Hottest Club North of Havana
Mickey Podell-Raber
USO Christmas Show 1958
Eydie performs 'When Your Lover Has Gone' in this collection of celebrity performance clips
  Just like Eydie herself, her fans bemoan the fact that Steve Allen's Tonight Show aired completely live almost every night, leaving but a few kinescope episodes for posterity to enjoy. But La Gorme has graced more soundstages than just those few at NBC, and with the advent of DVD, her body of television work is more accessible than ever. The following are licensed VHS and DVD issuings of Eydie's appearances on various tv shows, with more to be added soon.
Still to come...Syndicated television episodes to look for in your local listings!
The Very Best of Password
Eydie is featured as a celebrity contestant in a delightful episode of this classic television game show.
August 20, 1964