Is Steve Allen Playing Cupid?
TV Star Parade
October 1956
  Gently, carefully, but constantly, Steve Allen has been paving the way for romance between Eydie Gorme and Steve Lawrence, the young singers on his Monday-through-Friday Tonight show.
Tonight was just a gleam on the local New York home screens, Steve A. hired Steve L.That was in July '53. A couple of months later Allen heard a record of Frenesi by an unknown named Eydie Gorme. He sent a scout to check, and the report came back that the girl matched the voice - cute and peppy, and with an unstudied charm to match Steve Lawrence's. Allen knew he'd found a duet made in heaven.
    In the fall of '54 Eydie and Steve, chaperoned by Allen, went network (NBC), where they've been ever since. Now the two are lining up with Allen on his big Sunday-night show opposite Ed Sullivan. They sing together, rehearse together, go places - together.
    This summer Eydie and Steve made a personal appearance at New Jersey's famed Palisades Amusement Park. After their warbling, they packed up their music and got set to leave. Then the tinkle of the merry-go-round song drifted their way, Steve looked at Eydie... Eydie looked at Steve... and like any couple of kids, they were off on a roller-coaster and cotton-candy summer spree. A photographer saw them, whipped out his camera, and tagged along. The results are on these pages - two happy youngsters who obviously dig each other.
   "She's wonderful!" Steve crows. "She pulls no punches. I don't know if that's unusual in a girl, but it's wonderful. Eydie always tells you what she thinks. And besides that, she's a millions laughs."
    Eydie laughed, hearing herself praised. "He's a confirmed liar!" she giggled. But later she confided, "He's - I don't know what to say - he's terrific! With people he's meeting for the first time, he's sort of shy. But when he knows you, he's a natural comedian, funny all the time. And he's very good-natured and cute."
    Steve and Eydie deny there's a romance. Says Eydie: "We're together so much because TV and nightclubs keep us so busy there's no time to meet other people."
    Says Steve: "Personally, I think Eydie's the greatest. But there's no romance in my life. I'm too busy."
    Says TVSP: Nobody's that busy. If Eydie and Steve spend so much time together it's not because they just don't know anyone else!
    They're so compatible it's like a storybook "ideal couple." Besides their vocal harmony and shared taste for clowning, they write songs together. "We've got one with a publisher now," Steve told us. "We write them at rehearsal while we're waiting around just goofing and chewing the fat. I doodle at the piano."

  "He does most of the writing," Eydie put in. "I do the kibitzing. I think Steve would rather be a successful songwriter than anything else in our business. He must write a song for every day in the week!"
    They have had similar upbringings - average, warm, homey. He's from Brooklyn, she from The Bronx (the two matching family-type neighborhoods in New York). And they both still live with their parents. Each differed from the other kids in only one way - the ambition from tot-hood to be a singer.
    Each achieved success early, then joined
Tonight, where they have come along together. When Eydie decided dancing lessons would make her a stronger video personality, she talked Steve into following her footsteps. A couple of years ago they cut two hit records as a duet - Besame Mucho and Make Yourself Comfortable.
    Nowadays they're branching out as individual headliners on records and at nightclubs throughout the country. Eydie is following up her recent best-selling disc,
Too Close for Comfort, with her new Momma, Teach Me to Dance. Steve's got a torchy album coming up, About that Girl. And though they made their debut on Allen's Sunday-night opus as a duo, you'll be seeing them there again as singles.
    Professionally Eydie and Steve seem to be saying, "To each his own." Personally the words to have a very different and much more intimate meaning.
    Only on
Tonight do the two singers still work as a team - under the benign aegis of Steve Allen. Has Steve swapped his boogie-woogie piano for a Cupid harp? The way he's brought - and kept - Eydie and Steve together, we suspect that beneath that well-tailored jacket beats a pair of wings!
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