Mr. & Mrs. Show-Biz Take To The TV Screen
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  Eydie Gorme and Steve Lawrence are commonly known as the Mr. and Mrs. of show business, for not only are they fine entertainers and recording artists, but the actually are husband and wife. On the record scene, Mr. Showbiz, Steve, is currently doing very well with his latest Coral release, "Those Nights At The Round Table," which is a beautiful romantic ballad, while Mrs. Showbiz, Eydie, is going real strong and climbing up the charts fast and high with her great rendition on the ABC Paramount label of "You Need Hands."
Song Hits Magazine
September 1958
  Recently, the twosome arranged with the personable Steve Allen to take over during the summer months. This is a move which, we're sure, will delight many a Lawrence and Gorme fan. As you may know, it was on this very same show that Steve Allen introduced Eydie and Steve to the TV viewers from coast to coast. That's right, Eydie and Steve were given their start in the business right on the Steve Allen Show, where, for many months, they were regularly featured doing songs, dances, etc.
  And now, once again, they are returning to the scene of their debut, where they will stay throughout the summer months. On the show, they will bring into the homes of millions all types of good, lively entertainment. For instance, first of all, naturally, there will  be plenty of the fine singing of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, who will voice many of the hit tunes of the day. And, the show will never be without fanulous guest stars to add to your interest and enjoyment f the program. Then, of course, there will be loads of fun and laughter provided by the entire cast.
   Yes, indeed, the summer version of the Steve Allen Show will surely turn out to be great in all respects. We're positive that Steve Allen will be very proud of these two graduates of his for their tremendous efforts in making the summer show a success.