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    She has also proven herself a wonderful comedienne on the recent Jack Paar Show with Steve and in an upcoming Thanksgiving Special (NBC-TV) in which Eydie and Dean Martin star. Steve, or course, has proved himself in every facet of show business. He has truly earned the accolade "performer's performer". His beguiling charm and warm sense of humor has endeared him to night club, television and theatre audiences. A new aspect of Steve's talents was recently revealed when he made his Broadway debut in "What Makes Sammy Run?". The critics warmly greeted Steve to Broadway. During the Christmas Season Steve will star in an ABC-TV special called "A Carol For Another Christmas". Produced and directed by the noted film figuer, Joe Mankiewicz, the cast includes Peter Sellers, Christopher Plummer, Eva Marie Saint and Sterling Hayden. Mankiewicz has called Steve a magnificent talent, "He has what most actors lack, timing, taste and talent!" Remarkably enough Steve was chosen for the role only after Mankiewicz could not get his first-choice Marlon Brando.

     But the success of Steve Lawrence, the actor, does not mean any slackening in the career of one of the most popular singing stars of the day. Steve will still move briskly from the night club floors of Manhattan and Las Vegas to the top TV variety shows and the Broadway stage. And when there is pause between them it will be only to cut another record, which is sure to turn up on the best seller charts.

     Steve and Eydie's early careers very much parallel each other. Steve is a native of Brooklyn and Eydie the Bronx. They both sang in school choirs. Eydie's career was helped by bandleader Ken Greengrass who she knew when she was in High School. Ken gave up his band to manage Eydie, a position he holds today, with both Eydie and Steve, and got her bookings with the Tommy Tucker and Tex Beneke Orchestras. This led to her appearance on the Steve Allen "Tonight Show". Steve's big break came when he was auditioned and accepted for the Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts Program. He won first prize. He, too, wa asked to appear on the "Tonight Show" and soon became a regular. It was during this time Steve and Eydie met. They worked regularly together, and it soon became evident they had more than a casual interest in each other. They were married on December 29, 1957.

    When the Tonight Show went off the air in 1957 Steve's career started to blossom in many directions. He performed in the leading night clubs and made many guest appearances. In 1958 Steve and Eydie starred in their own television series which was hailed as an artistic triumph and was nominated for a Peabody Award.

    Steve's career was interrupted for 2 years when he was inducted into the army. In the interim Eydie was performing in night clubs and TV. When Steve got out of the Army he and Eydie teamed up for the first time to perform in night clubs. They were hailed from coast to coast as one of the most outstanding acts in show business.

    Of course besides being one of show business' most successful acts Steve and Eydie are the parents of two handsome boys, David, born in January 1960 and Michael, born May 19, 1962.
  Although Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme have appeared together professionally on an infrequent basis for the last two years, the public still considers them a "team".

  The facts are that they both are pursuing their individual careers and making joint appearances on rare occasions. Eydie, of course is a very busy mother of two who accepts engagements that will not interfere with her job as a housewife. Paradoxically, her career has sky-rocketed while she has accepted less and less TV and night club offers.

  Rarely have two performers been in demand either as a team, or singly, as much as Eydie and Steve because there is no other act today in show business that has their flexibility. Together they have played every major night club and television show; separately they have done the same. Eydie proved to be one of the leading entertainers in the country today. She needs no frills - special material; dance routines or jokes. She proved, though recently at her Copacabana opening she could exchange banter with her audience when on her opening night she continually topped ringside "hecklers" - Jack E. Leonard and Steve Lawrence.
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