Singer Eydie Gorme, her dark hair covered by a red bandana, in blue denim slacks and white sneakers, was busily rehearsing her numbers for Saturday night's permier (sic) of "Fanfare," the musical variety hour which will take over CBS' Jackie Gleason hour for the warm weather months.
Eydie Gorme Has Mind on Hubby's Show
Ellensberg Daily Press
June 1965
by Cynthia Lowry
    "The report that Steve won't let me appear on his show is not true," she announced. "All I said was that he hasn't asked me - and he hasn't - yet. Steve and I have been in this businss (sic) for so long that it's almost silly that we are both still so excited about it. You know, everybody thinks Steve has to be about 43 because he's been around so long. The truth is that he made his first hit record - 'Poinciana' - when he was 15.
     "Steve has been offered so many series - comedy series and dramatic series. But although they are very interesting to any performer because of the financial thing, Steve decided that he didn't want to be locked into a series at this point in his career. But a variety show - that was different."
     ABC has a light-hearted special tonight, "Everybody's Got a System," with British comedian Terry Thomas explaining the universal gambling urge, with illustrations from Las Vegas to bookie establishments in Great Britain (8:30-9:30 EDT).
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    Production assistants, musicians, camera men hustled around like ants in a disturbed hill as composed Eydie listened, offered opinions about her guest part in the show which stars trumpeter Al Hirt. When the lunch break came, Eydie retreated to her dressing room for a rest and a cup of coffee. Then it was clear that, although musical variety television shows were on her mind, her greatest interest was, not for Hirt's summer series, but a new fall program called "The Steve Lawrence Show." Steve, of course, is Eydie's singer-actor husband and the father of David, 5, and Michael, 3. ).