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A Harmonious Duet
American TVue Time
July 29-August 4, 1962
  At almost the time Steve Lawrence was singing for peanuts and putting his pay in the ice box so his mother would get a nice "green" surprise, Edye (sic) Gorme was being voted the "prettiest, peppiest cheerleader" at W.H. Taft High School.
   Actually, they were only a few miles apart at the time, Brooklyn and the Bronx, but they were worlds apart in staking out their individual futures. Their paths crossed some time later, they teamed up on television, found they had harmony in other ways than singing and were married.
   Today, they are two of show biz' most "lovable couples," each packing a hefty chunk of personal success as well as devotion to each other. In addition, they now have two children, one born just recently.
  Steve was born 27 years ago in Brooklyn, the son of a cantor, and was a member of his father's choir at the age of 8. When he was 11, his father insisted he "retire" until his voice had changed. At 24, he resumed singing, principally small engagements obtained for him by high school faculty members. It was during this period he put his meager earnings in the refrigerator for his mother - "I really gave her cold cash," he reminisced.
   Edye, 31, meantime, was singing in the high school band and school musicals. Later, she ran into an old high school friend, Ken Greengrass, a band leader for whom she had worked frequently. Staking his own career on his faith in Edye as a future top vocalist, he gave up his band to become her manager.
   Steve Allen brought the two together on his "Tonight" show, NBC-WBAL, in 1953, and they literally fell in love with each other, and they're still singing love songs - as well as lullabies.